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Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

With budget cuts and redundancies still the reality for many in the industry sector you could say it has been a tough time for all involved. However, here at ProjectsOGP, we like to think of it not as a time of turmoil but as a time of transformation. A time which will re-define the entire industry. The landscape is being reshaped and navigating change of this scale will require smart decisions, strategic judgement and new technology. Company leaders will have to balance budget cuts and be ready to exploit new opportunities.

The companies that will survive and succeed will be the ones that know how to utilize advancing technologies such as the cloud; that can help optimize research and apply analytics. New technology is a must in order to stay ahead. Cloud based infrastructures can intensify the speed in which your company realises value and therefore, react to situations with agile solutions.

ProjectsOGP is a global oil, gas and petrochemical project tracker with an online database with over 5,000 projects. This cloud based application was created with clients in mind, making it user friendly and easy to navigate projects by defining their geographical area, contract or market type. We understand the difficulties faced by the industry which allows our expertly trained team to select the most useful and beneficial information. A team that is always kept busy to get the most up to date information for clients - on average updating 155 projects and adding 5 new projects a week.

It is essential to stay ahead – is your company ready to compete? Companies will be at an advantage with ProjectsOGP as an asset, providing project life cycles with noted company involvements and interests. It is a valuable tool that can be utilized to save money on time spent researching. Instead POGP creates faster decision making in order to further your company’s future.

This is a premium product which isn’t premium in price. It carefully selects information and deconstructs engineering technical jargon. It offers a streamlined personalised dashboard, easy management and exportation of relevant data and live updates sent directly to your account. It is an asset that follows projects in 150 different countries in all major oil and gas regions across the world and has 35 different search filter options.

Information is power - so contact us for a no hassle free trial at your convenience. Please contact Tim Mills for more information:



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