Equinor receives consent to dispose Huldra facility
Thursday, Jul 19, 2018
Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has given Equinor Energy (Equinor) consent for disposal of the Huldra facility.

Equinor has applied to the PSA for consent to dispose of the Huldra facility. PSA has now given the company consent for this.

The consent, with reference to Section 25 (4) d of the Management Regulations, is granted on the basis of documentation submitted in connection with the application and with the assumptions and obligations this represents, and on the following conditions:

Equinor AS shall ensure that the work on board the Huldra facility in connection with the removal activity is planned and will be performed in accordance with the Petroleum Act and the Working Environment Act and supporting HSE regulations, including working time requirements, with reference to the Framework Regulations, Section 7 para 2.

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